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We are into the 2018-2019 school year and we enjoy the opportunity to provide you with many photos!  Remember that you can place photos into your cart from any gallery.  The cart collects them and you can then order and ship them together.  Collect the photos in the cart and save on multiple shipping fees!

This photo site has all proceeds going to the yearbook fund to try to keep the cost of the yearbook down for our students and parents.  Every order helps us make the books more affordable with the hope that more students will be able to have their own copy.  This program also allows the student photographers to learn more and improve on their photography skills.  Thanks to all of those who have supported us, we have not raised the price of the book since we began this project several years ago.  We thank you so much for your support!

PLEASE NOTE...IF you do NOT know the password to a gallery, please do not just keep guessing!  Instead, please  email us at or simply click the "contact us" link on the left.  We will be happy to send you the information. 

Beaver Area School District

This is the site for parents and students of Beaver Area Senior/ Junior High School to access the photo taken throughout the school year and even from past years.

NOTE: Once you have the photo in your cart, you can then adjust the crop on the image. It is highly recommended that you crop in based on the size that you order. The photos are then shipped directly to your home.

We thank you for your support with this process! The photos generally ship very quickly so once you order, you will have them sooner than you think.
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